The Nautam Way

Our Integrated Management Process (IMP), called Nautam, is a fundamental part of the management philosophy at Corruseal. This Nautam IMP, focused on delivering business results and success, is based on a 3-pillar philosophy. Each pillar is essential and is of equal importance in our framework to ensure a sustainable business model that will take Corruseal into the future.

The 3 Pillars are:

  1. Business Plan – the business plan gives us direction and purpose about where the business is moving to in the future and gives a framework about how this is going to be achieved.

  2. Managing Performance – Once we understand the ‘bigger picture’ of the business plan and what the business needs to achieve, we each need to understand what work we are held accountable for delivering. We also need to get feedback about our performance aligned to our responsibilities.

  3. Individual Development – For each of us and the business to remain relevant in a world that is consistently changing and advancing, it is vital that each staff member continues to improve their individual and team skill sets. At Corruseal, we want to grow and nurture in-house talent so that our staff can grow within the business and continue to develop and grow to meet changing needs and complexities in business.


The Nautam IMP focusses on developing engaging relationships between employees across all levels of the business (manager-team and peer-to-peer). And through our employees and their performance – our customers.